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Friday, December 12, 2008

A Few Vids to Fill the Time...

These videos are interesting. Not only are they somewhat funny, but they'll show a thing or two to potential rookie planters.

Dialing the shit: Building an A-frame tree cache:

My friend and fellow Québécois tree deliverer Jean-Bernard, in a completely unstaged presentation, building an A-Frame somewhere around Grande Prairie, Alberta. The A-frame is necessary to protect tree seedlings during the summer part of the season, by letting the trees breathe while being protected from the sun. During the spring we usually just put a tarp over unopened boxes.

And what a clean truck, dude (Looks like the bed's body is a little concave tough)! The ending is some classic J-B.

Now, a "treeplanting record":

Apart from the first part not really being a record (I've seen better in more difficult land, not to mention a relatively unfair comparison given the land difference, but it's supposed to be a joke), the video shows classic rookie cluelessness. As a rookie, expect to waste a lot of time, at first, to figure out where you should plant, with lots of time in between to wonder what you're doing there...

Looks like they filmed me during my first year!

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