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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Precision Dropping and Tree Handling...

Here's a nice heli pilot dropping a load of boxes besides a heli platform.

The problem? It's on British-Columbia's coast, and it's quite steep! After the drop, the treeplanter have to do some extra work to get the boxes back up, displaying a handling method that would make most client foresters or checkers shriek in agony. But it's not like there's any alternatives and this might have been done by many tree planters, tree runners and foremen throughout history (including yours truly...maybe). And to the pilot's defense, it's not like there was plenty of space to drop the load...

And you know what's great? He just go get the boxes, no bitching (that we know of)...there's nothing he can do and those trees need to be planted.

In the next video, you can see the same dude planting in the snow. Notice how different the pace is on the coast, with higher quality standards than most places (yet, they don't always need to kick the hole shut) and high tree prices, mostly when compared to the sheer speed necessary to make any money out east.

On an ending note, some coastal planters have already started planting. Expected conditions: Some snow and lots of rain on steep terrain...

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