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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Driver Nightmare...

This is what every tree deliverer or foreman dreads: Getting stuck in front of a bunch of planters

Getting stuck happens in the bush. And it doesn't need much! Dirt roads can get muddy quickly. Imagine after a week of uninterrupted rain! When you are rushed by time, needing to get trees somewhere before the planters run out or even get there, it adds an undesired stress factor.

But getting stuck in front of a crew of unhelping planters, who are judging, describing and "documenting" every move, might make the situation worst, mostly if the driver's pride is affected and he starts using doubtful methods to get the truck out(and further).

It was probably not the best way to get a truck unstuck. The truck's canopy is obviously full of boxes, elevating the vehicle's center of gravity, which, as you can see, makes the truck tilt.

Also, going forward might not have been the best idea, as the road is quite steep just after the mud hole. In this case, the driver was probably not only thinking of getting out, but also of getting further along the road to deliver the trees.

Putting sticks in front of the wheels is efficient, but they need to be well placed and you usually need to put sticks in front of more than one tire, planning where the wheels will go. You also need to make sure you let the tire grip on the sticks.

And it won't always work.

It's also possible that sticks couldn't be placed efficiently behind the stuck tire, but putting them in front, advancing the truck slightly and then putting sticks behind the tire in order to go backwards could have helped. Furthermore, getting out backwards instead of forward could have been helped by the huge planter workforce pushing the truck out. A process that might have been dangerous if they were to push the truck forward.

Instead, the driver, with the initial help of the sticks, just pushed the truck half way through the deep hole, messing up with his tail gate in the process and worsening the situation, as the truck is now hopelessly stuck.

Of course, my analysis could be wrong, as a video doesn't tell everything, but it seeems that if the mud hole couldn't necessarily be avoided, the truck could have got out of this hole relatively quickly. Of course, the need to get further, people observing or the simple thought that he could get out (I could have done the same thing) probably made the time constraint worse...

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At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one Kris..at least you tried!!


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