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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ten (and a few more) Reasons To Hate Treeplanting

1) Your buddy, who went planting last summer, won't shut up about it!

2) You wonder what you're doing here while meeting fellow planters, first getting to camp, setting your tent and learning how to plant. Then, you regularly wonder what you are doing there for another month or two.

3) You start thinking about that girlfriend of yours, fucking other guys in Australia, while standing alone in an empty field, kilometers and days away from the closest mean of communication. Paranoia ensues.

4) You slept on the floor in your motel room because some dude felt asleep in yours, trying to hit on your roommate and another one lost her keys. You miss your tent.

5) You started shopping at Wal-Mart.

6) You brag about what you bought there.

7) There's not a lot of Belgians doing it.

8) You look, feel and smell like shit.

9) You had to wipe your ass with a leaf...to dire results.

9a) You fell in the same pond twice in one day.

9b) You don't remember what it feels like to be dry.

9c) You started considering that labour laws might only be a suggestion.

9d) You know every kind of pain, on every layer and any part of your body.

9e) Weather is your enemy, no matter what are the conditions. Wind, on the other hand, is okay.

10) You started to somewhat love treeplanting...and you won't shut up about it!

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