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Monday, February 25, 2008

Slowly Awakening...

While some places on the Pacific Coast, in British-Columbia, are starting their season, for most tree-planters, this period means the first crew emails about contracts and camp information, what to expect for the rookies and a few online forms to fill.

For others, like me, it means updating all my management training, sending driving records and various licences and certification. Getting in touch with regional managers and camp supervisors, getting details on how contract negotiations are going, what to expect as far as camp management will be concerned.

All are slowly waking up to face the upcoming shitstorm. Getting a few hints of what's to come, and getting ready to make it worth the personal investment. Time to get slowly back in shape, time to get more information on what we signed up for. Slowly at first, then more and more time will be spent on the matter.

For others, finally, they are starting to look for a job. There's still openings, but most are hiring veterans only. If you'd still like to try your luck, the best place is probably Scooter's job market at replant.ca's forums.

As for me, been busy, but I do start to smell the dust, bug repellent, diesel, mud, forest, cook shack and sweat that will be part of my next season in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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