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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Quick One

The first shift went by fast, as the planters had a quick start and kept me busy, so we were able to wrap the first part of the Northshore contract in 3 days and a half instead of 5 as planned.

So we're in Elliot Lake, also known as the Florida of the North because of it's huge retirement community. Needless to say we got a bunch of nasty looks, but people have been very nice. The cops gave a few tickets last night to planters pissing outside, but in retrospect, it was a pretty good day off.

Tree delivery is great, altough it's stenuous, as I've been working an average of 14 hours a day and it doersn't really stop on day off as there's a bunch to do in town like getting some supplies or the vehicles serviced.

So I'll just post a few pictures from the week and will try to catch on the next day off...

The management team busy at night. In this picture, from left to right, Callan and Maggie, crewbosses, and Linn, our camp supervisor.

Me and one of my work tools...Pretty sweet, eh?

Our first camp, the Wilderness Lodge. Really nice setup, management had the priviledge to sleep in cabins while planters were sleeping in their tents. We also had the rare luxury of eating inside, but the weather has been so nice this week that it wasn't that useful...We're already gone to another camp for a week, which should be as good as this one...

Maggie directing some rookies

From the truck

A moose skull Codie found in her piece. The thing is massive and really heavy.

Allright, I'm out, time to go get some stuff at Canadian Tire...

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