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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Swedes Planting Trees for Future Ikea Furniture...

Okay, that's a damn bad and overused cliché...

Here's a video depicting treeplanting in Sweden. It's quite different from what any Canadian treeplanter is used too, yet the similarities should make it familiar enough.

The boreal forest is basically one huge forest anyway!

I love those "tree guns" and that they don't need to bend over every 2 meters, but the one-side buckets must be rough on the hips! Nice outfits though, and I'm definitely not a fan of sausage crews!

Besides, girls are as good as guys at the job!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I've been incredibly busy, and as the treeplanting season is almost there, I've been paying more attention to the "real deal" than the virtual treeplanting...

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