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Monday, March 19, 2007

East Coast Style!

Treeplanting is done all over Canada. British-Columbia is definitey the province with the most reforestation (as it's also the most logged) and the most various methods and land types, but Ontario, Qu├ębec, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan all have a good amount of treeplanters working on their land, mostly in the northernmost part of their territory.

It doesn't mean the maritimes provinces have no tree planting! If things are done a little differently over there (planters usually sleeping at their homes and enjoying lobster parties), others never change (bugs, crew spirit). This video shows interesting scenery one could see planting near Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Here's another video showing some details of the East Coast planting life:

Okay, it's a little long. If you're interested to watch the second part of the last vid, as well as many other similar videos by the same Youtube user, click here.

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