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Monday, February 19, 2007

Treeplanting 2006 "Motivational" Video

Here's a little slideshow I've done using a shitty program available for free on the web, thus the little glitch at the beginning and the program's advertisement at the end...

I took some of my 2006 pictures and made them into a parody of motivational posters usually seen in waiting rooms.

The song (yep, a treeplanting song) featured is This Vibe, by Jen Plummer, a former camp cook (a great one!) and a talented artist who would sometimes play around the campfire despite the long hours cooks have to endure. She didn't work in the bush last year, but still paid a visit to a few Outland camps for a "tight bush tour", as she puts it. You can visit her website at jenplummermusic.com.

YouTube link here.

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